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Neurocity Junction

Applied Neuroplasticity through our exclusive Cognitive Circuit Training® program to Improve, enhance and repair your brain’s performance….in just 15 sessions.

Have you heard of Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s potential to reorganize and rewire itself, creating new neural pathways. In order for new pathways to be made, there must be a new, repeating, and challenging activity present.

At Neurocity Junction, our Cognitive Circuit Training® (CCT) program has been created to maximize your brain’s innate ability to create stronger, more efficient connections by giving you the tools to unlock your neuroplastic potential to accelerate mental stamina, memory, and overall brain health.


Cognitive Circuit Training® Improves:

Long & Short-term Memory

Focus & Attention

Stress Management

Emotion Regulation

Cognitive Control


Processing Speed

Test Taking

Verbal Memory

Behavior & Cognitive Skills



Mood & Enjoyment


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