The Cognitive Circuit Training® Program

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The first of its kind and the only in South Florida, Neurocity Junction's Cognitive Circuit Training® Program harnesses the power of neuroplasticity, the brains potential to create new neural pathways and repair damage caused by injury.

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Unlike traditional neurotherapy, the Cognitive Circuit Training® Program integrates a multisensory treatment approach, incorporating all five agents of neuroplasticity, including light therapy, sound therapy, vagus nerve stimulation, balance and physical activity, and more.


Testing and treatment sessions are completed at NeuroCity Junction, our state-of-the-art facility, alongside our board-certified neurologists. Therapies are customized for each patient at each session, ensuring new, repeating, and challenging activity is always present to accelerate the process of neuroplasticity and rehabilitation. 

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At NeuroCity Junction, we provide comprehensive testing for every patient throughout our program, collecting valuable data on the full extent of initial deficits, as well as tracking measurable improvements achieved through our treatment program. Patients achieve accelerated gains and measurable improvements in as little as 30 sessions.

The Cognitive Circuit Training® Program can stand alone or enhance traditional treatment programs.

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